Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back On Enhancing My Profession

I started playing W0W in an extraordinary way. A player would probably begin following the line of quests, dungeons and maps that was set ahead in order to level up. Since I have a group who's been very helpful from the very beginning, I skipped a lot, and one of  the things I missed was to create a profession for my character. Profession is defined as something we do for a living. We can choose fishing, herbalism, cooking, alchemy, jewel crafting, tailoring, all that jazz. The purpose is almost the same with what we do in real life.  They say it's best to start your profession as you begin with day 1.

When I finally reached level 60 of Burning Crusades, I went back all the way where I started just to pick up on what I left with my profession, which is Alchemy- Herbalism and a second profession which is cooking. These 3 will greatly build up my character as I move along. Alchemy will grant me potions such as healing and mana, which are very useful for raids, battles and instances. Herbalism aids with Alchemy, because herbs are the main ingredients for the potions I create. As for cooking, I chose it because it is one of the things I love to do. But mind you, it also helps with my character's survival. The food I cook can be use as healing too.

 It took me 2 days to finally finish the first part of Herbalism 101.
My adventure took me to places I've never been to. It was fun exploring. I discovered a lot of places. Like for instance, The Hinterlands, I didn't know that this map was full of Boomkin-like creatures, and they have it in red. I find boomkins cute and cuddly :D

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