Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hallow's End

Trick or Treat! Hallow's End: an annual Halloween-inspired event which celebrated from October 18 - October 31, 2010. I just recently got an achievement for getting a tummy ache from eating too much candies and for killing the Headless Horseman. The towns of  Brill, Razor Hill, or Silvermoon City,  suffers as the Headless Horseman flies bringing terror and setting houses and buildings on fire. Talk to the Costumed Orphan Matron and learn how you can help put out the flames and get rid of the headless horseman. Find the Headless Horseman's  shrine located in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard. Summon and defeat him, and earn loots such as:  a broomstick mount, a pet, an epic armor  and  the Headless Horseman's mount!
  • Candy Buckets are located in inns throughout Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and The Outland. You will be able to find it by looking for  an exclamation mark inside every inn. Open by right-clicking it in your inventory. Each candy bucket will give experience, and for maximum level characters, gold.
  • The Wickerman Festival:  throwing stink bombs at the Alliance town and vice versa. Everyone is advised to sharpen their blades, tighten their girths, and prepare for battle!
Hallow’s End for more information.


Nina said...

hi, this is an offtopic comment, i just stumbled across your blog from Entrecard and wanted to say, it's so cool to see other female gamers like me!
i am married too, but no kids so far, and everyone are telling me i should totally drop gaming when i'd have kids... now i have a good example to point my finger to, lol

Enchie said...

HI Nina! lol! I'm glad to know a fellow female gamer too. I'm happy and thank you for dropping by.