Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Friends, fellow gamers and fellow guild members,

I am temporarily on hiatus on playing the World of Warcraft. Due to some family activities, events and some recent changes with regards to my family's holiday plans, I am now down with tons of mixed chores, errands and stuff in preparation for the holidays with no helper. Other than that, I am under observation... not health related to clear things as early as now. It's too complicated to explain. Will make an announcement soon. 

Anyway, I heard that Cataclysm is now considered as the game of all time.
And it feels good that I was able to create a character at Level 80 before Cataclysm came out. With that, I was able to learn the stories that made up the World of Warcraft. Last time I logged -in was almost a month ago. Downloaded the newest patch, I was able to help during the invasion, and witnessed the world changing.

I got lost in Ogrimmar.
And what's this? Alliance took the Southern Barrens? Hmmm... can't wait to play again. First thing I'll do aside from leveling up to 85, is to explore the new world. This my friends is just a short break. I will be back with the highlights of my Cataclysm experience.


Chick Geek said...

you make me feel sorry that i never played WOW before Cataclysm, lol

how do you think, is it worth playing on some unofficial server, to look at the world - before they're all installed Cataclysm version too?

Enchie said...

You should play W0W... lol! There's a 10- day free trial, just go to Blizzard.

Kindros said...

Looking forward to updates. :)

Enchie said...

Hi Kindros thanks for the visit!